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Database Folder Set-Up...

When deploying a database you should always consider where those files are going to be stored.  This also means splitting the database.  The Backend should be on the Server and Frontends should be distributed to individual Users.  Users should NEVER share a Frontend located on the Server.

I typically set-up my folders as pictured below...
Tips (Main)
Command Line Switches
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
Customize Toolbox Controls
Main Folder Subfolder Description
Captain's Folder Developer's files (You may also want to store back-ups in here.)
data backend.accdb (If using an SQL Server this folder is not needed.)
images Images used solely by the database
links If a User links (attaches) a file it makes a copy here and remaps the path in the database to open this one.  This ensures everyone has access to the file.
MasterFrontEnd Where the master Frontend is stored that is used to update User's local Frontends
ReportTemplates Where I keep Excel or Word files that are used as Templates when exporting from the database.
adFE Where the Frontend.accdb resides
  MyReports Where all Users exported reports default to when exporting
Using the same generic folder set-up makes it easier when deploying as I don't have to keep rewriting the routine initially setting up the database.

That said, if Users want to set up additional folders you can give them the ability to do via the Settings menu.
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