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Tips found in this section are a collection of information that was developed in-house, read from books and found in forums and newsgroups. We only ask that you acknowledge the original author when using their code by leaving (or including) the tag line indicating the source of the code. Thank you!  (Tip! Always test first on a copy of your database!)

Note: Code found here has been tested in Microsoft Access 32 bit, if you are using see Microsoft Access 64 bit see PtrSafe.
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= New or updated  (All sample downloads in Access 2007 or higher unless indicated.)
There is no free support for the tips offered on these pages; use at your own risk. (Tip! Always test first on a copy of your database first!)  You may eMail for broken links or corrections, however, (PLEASE) no personal eMails for private assistance or support. You will be charged if you send unsolicited eMail requesting support.

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on a Continuous Form
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Print Full or Partial Sheet of Same Labels
Print One or More Labels for One or More Clients (Records)
Multiple copies of 1(one) Report using a Cartesian Query
  Keep Main Report/Subreport Records Together
  Add your Report Name to Page Footer
  Don't open Report if No Data
Multicolumn Report with Images
Add *Continued...* to a Multicolumn Report
    Filtering Reports
    Ranking Reports Using Shapes
    Print Constant Number of Lines (or Add a Constant Number of Lines)
Custom Page Header
  Send Report (or Labels) to Specific Printer
  Data Models
Templates (for project management)
Restaurant Reservations
Property (or Rental) Management
Jobs (aka: Work Orders, Projects)
Training with Attendance
Products (Shoes and Clothing)
Clubs (or Associations)
Purchase Orders with Inventory
Hotel Bookings
Real Estate
Grocery List Maker
Recipes with Grocery List Maker
Parking Lot
Appointments (i.e. Salon)
Damage Investigations
Call Center
Tour Agency
Training (with Curriculum)
My Naming Conventions
Where are the Options?
Options for Current Database
Object Designers
Trusted Locations
Repair (or Remove) MISSING or Broken References
Export Specifications
Import Specifications
    Navigation Pane Options
    Setting up a Model Database
    Default Buttons and Legend
    Set Subdatasheet to [None] (for Access 2003 and higher)
    My Database Standards
    So you're ready to Upsize
    Circular Reference (well, kind of)
    Creating a Settings table
    Not_In_List Events
Help (Show Help and/or Tips in your Database)
    Handling Attachments
  Database Design Tips
Creating a Multi-Value field using Alphabet
Copy Fields Down from above Record
Loop thru Recordset and OutPutTo separate .RTF or .PDF
Modified Spell Check
Code Snippets
Create a Custom ID
Add a custom Record Count
Limit the amount of Records that can be entered in a Continuous Form
Change Control Source of Combo Box based on previous Combo Box
Sort Records using Labels
Traffic Light changes colors based on conditions
    Loop while renumbering 2(two) Columns
    Create a Table with Dynamic Field Names
  Snippets for Exporting to Excel
Selecting an Excel Worksheet from Access
Add a Filter to Specific Columns
Make Columns AutoFit to the Values Inserted
After Exporting to a Template Rename to Excel Workbook
Copy/Paste Cell Values, such as, Formulas
Make sure Column maintains its Date/Time Format even after Export
Insert a Worksheet from One Workbook into Another Workbook
Set the Vertical Axis
Add Image (Logo) to the Worksheet
    Log Field Changes
    Log Record Deletions
    Check for Duplicate Values
    Send eMail to Multiple Recipients (using DoCmd.SendObject)
    Update Database Frontends
    Confirm Record Count after Excel Import
    Excel Manipulation from Access
    Exporting clickable Hyperlinks
    Another (Blog) post Sequential Numbering
    Combining Fields
    Count Characters
    Cancel Save in a Bound Form
    Automatically send eMail Notifications
    Looping Records to Send eMail
    Check if Table Exists
  Insert (or Remove) Blank Line
Query Joins
Using Parameters in a Crosstab Query
Action Query Errors
OrderBy OR Order By
Memo field is truncated when exported to Excel
Append and/or Update Data to Table Created Dynamically
To Few Parameters Expected n
Command Line Switches
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Customize Toolbox Controls
Access Specifications
Database Folder Set-Up
Move Selection Up/Down in a List Box
    Add Image and Text to Toggle Buttons
Option Groups
List Box Simulated
Access World Forum My favorite since the NNTP's went away!
Microsoft© Answers Forum
Microsoft© Access for Developers
Google Groups ~ MS Access
Utter Access
Yahoo! Groups ~ MS Access Professionals
Eileen's Lounge
Simple Bar Chart using Shapes
    Switch Windows (for Access 2007 and above)
Let your Client customize the form labels
Linking Subforms to an Unbound Control(s) on Main (Parent) Form
Customize your Main Menu or Switchboard
Auto-Add new child records when adding new record on Main Form
Simulate a Drop Down box (not a Combo Box) as seen on Web Pages
Implement a Log-On form to control what the User sees
    Make Controls resize with a form
    Sort using Labels
    Custom Navigation Buttons
    Custom Record Count
    Assign *Permissions* based on Users Levels
    New User Form
    Add Logo to Forms and/or Reports
    Conditional Row Shading on a Continuous Form
Highlight Current Record
    Navigate a Continuous Form like Excel
    Filtering with Forms
Splash Screen with Progress Bar
    Appointment Collision Check
    Add *Favorites* to a Continuous Form
    Custom Record Selectors
    Searching Records
    Combo or Text Box
    Combo Box with a Text Box
    Command Button with Combo and Text Boxes
    Search Form
    Drill Down (for Continuous Forms)
  Highlight Required Controls (End-User Defined)
Data Models