SELECT DISTINCT tblLifts.lLiftID AS LiftID, Sum(tblLifts.lGrossWeight) AS GrossWeight, Sum(tblLifts.lCalcNet) AS CalcNet, Sum([lGrossWeight]-[lCalcNet]) AS Tare
FROM tblLifts
GROUP BY tblLifts.lLiftID
ORDER BY tblLifts.lLiftID;
Unless you need your query to produce Unique Values, (see A) setting that to No will remove the DISTINCT clause
2. Use Aggregates, such as...
First, Last
Min, Max
StDev, StDevP
Var, VarP
SELECT Max(Val(Right$([msMetalLiftID],Len([msMetalLiftID])-InStr(1,[msMetalLiftID],"SS")-1))) AS LastBinID
FROM tblMetalScrap;
3. Applied formatting to a memo field, ie. Nz([YourMemoField]) or IIf()
Memo field is truncated when exported to Excel...

Some reasons could be…

1. Using a DISTINCT clause
The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Tips (Main)
Using Parameters in a Crosstab Query
Action Query Errors
OrderBy OR Order By
Query Joins
Append and/or Update Data to Table Created Dynamically
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