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Tips (Main)
Naming Conventions
Where are the Options?
Options for Current Database
Object Designers
Trusted Locations
Repair (or Remove) MISSING or Broken References
Export Specifications
Import Specifications
Navigation Pane Options
Setting up a Model Database
Set Subdatasheet to [NONE]
Creating a Settings Table
Not_In_List Event
Handling Attachments
Database Design Tips
Default Buttons and Legend...

When creating databases you will want to help your Users all you can.  Supplying them with Legends is a great way to do this.  Keep the full versions in your Model Database and then you can modify them depending on what color\buttons you use.  It is also a great way to ensure continuity over all your databases!
Images used on the command buttons can be found at Icon Archive.  Just remember to select Commercial free when searching for images to use in your database.
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