Object Designers...
Change default text field size in a table
Change the default font in the query grid
Always use Event Procedures
Set default font in a table
Change default text field size in a table
Always use Event Procedures
Set your Permissions for your queries
In Access 2010, even though the section says default Font you cannot change the table default font from the Options.  You must open the table and change it.
To see where to remove Click to Add click here
In Access 2013, while the Object Designers have remained the same the Data Types have changed slightly.
The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Tips (Main)
Naming Conventions
Where are the Options?
Options for Current Database
Trusted Locations
Repair (or Remove) MISSING or Broken References
Export Specifications
Import Specifications
Navigation Pane Options
Setting up a Model Database
Default Buttons and Legend
Set Subdatasheet to [NONE]
Creating a Settings Table
Not_In_List Event
Handling Attachments
Database Design Tips
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