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Contract Management
Handles the tracking of Hardware and Software contracts; hardware and software installed, as well as, maintenance schedules.
Coil Processing
Handles Coil and Material Processing from receipt to invoicing. Additional modules include Purchase Order, Customer & Vendor management, Customer Order Entry and Bill of Lading.
Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Specification
Designed to organize and manage Projects, F.F. & E. Specification Sheets, and Purchasing. Reports include Budget by Project, F.F. & E. Specification Sheets, Specification Schedules, Items on Order, Vendor/Client Profiles, and more.
Property Appraisal
Designed to handle the appraisal\reappraisal of commercial properties.
UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Filing
Designed to handle UCC filings. Once the information is filled in, it will print out on the approved forms so no retyping. Designed in Microsoft Access XP. (To learn more about UCC filings click on the above title.)
Franchise Management
This database handles the selling/reselling of Franchises by matching Buyers to Listings and visa versa. Designed with a Microsoft Access 2003 FE with an SQL Server 2000 BE via Remote Desktop with a Web interface for potential Buyers to view Listings and Seller's to upload photos, update information and more...
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Quality Log (qualityDiva)
Companies, especially those adopting a Quality Management System, must deal with nonconformances and corrective actions.  Quality Log was developed to allow your organization to track nonconformances, corrective actions and opportunities for improvement keeping and eye on quality achieved and implement quality improvement actions as needed.
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Spare Parts
The problem with Inventory control is the location of the item when needed.  In larger plants (and even smaller ones), parts are ordered and somebody carries to the *area* and there the box sits.  Then you need the part and you know you ordered it but for the life of you... you can't remember where you put it.  The other side of this puzzle, you go to get an item and you do find the area but you forget used that part two months ago but never reordred it.
Disciplinary Action Report
Handles the logging of disciplinary actions for employees.  Allows for customizing of Violation Types.  When creating a new report will show how many previous reports have already been accumulated by the employee.
Action List
Need a way to track your Associates growing To-Do-Lists?  With this database Associates can monitor their lists and Managers can view tasks for progress without having to go find said Associate.

As an added bonus you can tie this list to the Ops Log (drilled down version of the Quality Log) or the Quality Log.
File Management (fileDiva)
Documents are a big part of any organiztion and managing them can be a daunting task.  fileDiva takes the hassle out of document control.  It halso has the added feature that allows you to identify your Quality Management System documents and identify them by Area and\or Process.
Project Management (projectDiva)
When managing many Projects with many different aspects something is needed to help you organize.  Keeping a business productive and on-task gets more challenging as time goes on. projectDiva is designed to do just that, it helps you stay on point by easily identifying the tasks that you need to focus on.
Damage Investigations
Designed to aide the Investigator in getting all the necessary information needed when there is damage to a utility service, i.e. water main break.  Reporting includes Root Cause analysis.
Quality Benchmarks
Depicts charts to show progress against Goals.  Allows for custom goals and benchmarking against local, state or national measures.  Gives snapshot in four quarter intervals.
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