Hi, I am trying to create a full sheet of the same label from my access file. I would like 30 of record 1, 30 of record 2, etc. Is there a way to do that so I get a full sheet of each record rather than just one label of each?


I need a way to print only 2-3 labels at a time, but not waste the whole sheet of labels. Any ideas?
This sample database will allow you to print a full sheet of the same label or print a partial sheet of the same label or use a partially used sheet to print labels or any of the above in combination of each other.  To download the sample click here.
To use this database import the Module and the form enclosed in the sample download into your database. Make sure you look at the settings below to get all the parameters in the right place.  There is no need to import the report as you can use your pre-existing label report.

(If you do not want to use the enclosed form (see above) you can place the fields on another form of your choice. BUT where you find a reference to the form and/or field name you must change the name accordingly, including within the module!)
In your Report's Properties, entries must be made in three places…

1. Report Properties - On_Open event...
2. Report Header Properties - On_Format event...
3. Report Detail Properties - On_Print event...

Notice... you will need to put the name of your report within the parenthesis, i.e.:
YourReportName )
If you have elected to use another Form then don’t forget to open the Module and change the Form name to match your own Report name!
Print Full or Partial Sheet of Labels...
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In the query attached to your Report on the Criteria line put a reference to your form and the Combo Box where you select which entity you want to print labels for.
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