Custom Record Selectors...

I don't particularly care for Record Selectors, especially on Subforms that are in the middle of Main Forms.
The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Tips (Main)
Let your Client customize the form labels
Linking Subforms to an Unbound Control(s) on the Main (Parent) Form
Customize your Main Menu or Switchboard
Auto-Add new child records when adding a new record on the Main (Parent) Form
Simple Bar Chart using Shapes
Simulate a Drop Down box (not a Combo Box) as seen on Web Pages
Implement a Log-On form to control what the User sees
Make Controls resize with a Form
Switch Windows
Assign *Permissions* based on Users Levels
New User Form
Add *Favorites* to a Continuous Form
Searching Records
Drill Down (for Continuous Forms)
Highlight Required Controls (End-User Defined)
To that end, I use a green tag to indicate a new record and a purple tag to indicate the current record.   
All you need it two test boxes both 0.0854" wide, set the height to the height of your row.  In the Control  
Source for New Record control place...


In the Control Source for the Current Record control place...


In the On_Current event of the Form (or Subform) place...

Me.txtHighlightID = Me.txtID

And finally, put a txtHighlightID in the Form Header of the Subform.  All Done!
If the Full Block font does not copy into your controls control source click here to see how to get it.
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