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Let your Client customize the form labels
Linking Subforms to an Unbound Control(s) on the Main (Parent) Form
Customize your Main Menu or Switchboard
Auto-Add new child records when adding a new record on the Main (Parent) Form
Simple Bar Chart using Shapes
Simulate a Drop Down box (not a Combo Box) as seen on Web Pages
Implement a Log-On form to control what the User sees
Make Controls resize with a Form
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New User Form
Add *Favorites* to a Continuous Form
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Drill Down (for Continuous Forms)
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Searching Records...

Sometimes you want to create a Search Form where Users can select specific criteria to drill down their data. 
There are a number of ways to add a search feature; we are going to look at a few...

Combo or Text Box
Combo Box with a Text Box
Command Buttons with Combo and Text Boxes
Separate Form
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Combo Box
Text Box
  'If the combo box is cleared, clear the form filter.
  If Nz(Me.cboFilter.Text) = "" Then
    Me.Form.Filter = ""
    Me.FilterOn = False
  'If a combo box item is selected, filter for an exact match.
  'Use the ListIndex property to check if the value is an item in the list.
  ElseIf Me.cboFilter.ListIndex <> -1 Then
    Me.Form.Filter = "[fSubject] = '" & _
                     Replace(Me.cboFilter.Text, "'", "''") & "'"
    Me.FilterOn = True
  'If a partial value is typed, filter for a partial company name match.
    Me.Form.Filter = "[fSubject] Like '*" & Replace(Me.cboFilter.Text, "'", "''") & "*'"
    Me.FilterOn = True
  End If
  'Move the cursor to the end of the combo box.
  Me.cboFilter.SelStart = Len(Me.cboFilter.Text)
Private Sub cboSAreaID_AfterUpdate()
    If Me.cboSearchBy = "" Then
        Me.cboSearchBy = 1
    End If
    strSQL = "SELECT fFileID, fFileName, IIf([fObsolete]=True,'x',''), fAreaID, fkKeywords, fIdentifier, fPartOfQualitySystems " & _
                    "FROM tblFiles LEFT JOIN tblFileKeywords ON tblFiles.fFileID = tblFileKeywords.fkFileID " & _
                        "WHERE fAreaID = " & Me.cboSAreaID.Value & " " & _
                            "ORDER BY fObsolete DESC , fFileName"
    Me.lstFileID.RowSource = strSQL
    Me.lstFileID = Me.lstFileID.ItemData(0)
End Sub
Property Value
Combo Box Row Source SELECT FAQ.fSubject FROM FAQ;
Auto Expand No
Limit to List No
Private Sub txtSearch_Change()
    Me.lstTaskID.RowSource = "SELECT tTaskID, tTask, IIf([tDone]=True,'C',''), tSortOrder " & _
                                "FROM tblTasks " & _
                                    "WHERE tTask Like '*" & Me.txtSearch.Text & "*' And tProjectID = " & Me.txtProjectID & " And tDelete = False " & _
                                        "ORDER BY tSortOrder"
End Sub
This is a way to Search as you Type on a continuous form posted on the Microsoft 365 Blog.  Place you Combo Box in the Form Header and set the properties listed below.
Then add the code below to the On_Change event procedure of your Combo Box.
Or we can use the Combo Box (named cboSearch) to shorten the list of records.  In this example we're filtering a List Box.  You'll notice this in the After_Update event of the Combo Box.  Once you make a selection the List Box re-queries to reflect the results.
This search uses the On_Change event procedure of a Text Box.  The list re-filters with each letter you type.  In this example a List Box is used but you can easily use this on a continuous form, see example B below.
On Error Resume Next
    Me.Form.Filter = "[fFileName] Like '*" & Replace(Me.txtSFileName.Text, "'", "''") & "*'"
    Me.FilterOn = True
    Me.txtSFileName.SelStart = Len(Me.txtSFileName.Text)
To use Search as you Type on a continuous form, place the code below in the On_Change event procedure of you search control.
Be sure to change the Row Sources, Forms and Controls to match your own!
Combo Box with a Text Box...
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