Access MVP (2010-2015)


Importing into a *clean* Database

1. Create a new database naming it differently then the original.  (No worries you can rename it later.)

2. Uncheck Track name AutoCorrect info under File > Options > Current Database, as well as, any other options you don’t want.

3. Go to the External Data tab and select Access under Import.

4. In the Get External Data – Access Database window select Browse and navigate to the old file.

5. Then on the Table tab select only the tables that do not start with MSys*, if showing.  (If not showing on the right click Select All.)  Then select the balance of the tabs and where you find objects in the left pane click the Select All button on the right.

6. Then select OK and wait until done.

You now have your new database.  You will need to set up your Start Up Options again, if you have any because those do no come over to the new file.  Confirm that your new database works as expected and then you can save the old one as a backup or delete it.  Finally, rename your file.

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