Access MVP (2010-2015)


Show *Enter Password* in a Control

When you have a Log On Form you can indicate what is to be entered by using the Format Property of the Control. By doing it this way the only value stored in the Table is what is entered, Enter Password is only for display.

In the Format Property of the Text or Memo field: […]

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Not in List event

There are many examples of how to handle new entries to Combo Boxes, a.k.a. Not_In_List events. However, the one that is not so easily found is how to handle entries that include more than just what’s in the Combo Box. For example, you’re entering an Order from a new Client and you need more than […]

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Left-Handed Combo Boxes

I sometimes use Combo Boxes as *labels*. This comes in especially handy in the communications section of the Contacts Form where any given Contact can have more than one eMail or more than one phone.

To move the drop down to the left… while the Form is in Design Mode click on the Combo Box. […]

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Add *ALL* to Combo Box

SELECT YourFieldName FROM YourTableName UNION Select "ALL" as Bogus FROM YourTableName;

Then set the Default Value for the Combo Box as “ALL”

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