Access MVP (2010-2015)


Use Replace() to Create a Bullet List

Use the Replace() function to turn your comma delimited values into a bullet list. So…

Specification ID, Alloy, Temper, Gauge, Lot Number

…turns into…

· Specification ID · Alloy · Temper · Gauge · Lot Number

strFields: Chr(183) & " " & Replace([sdFields],", ",Chr(13) & Chr(10) & Chr(183) & " ")

Note, sdFields is the […]

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Combining Fields

Combining fields is easy enough BUT when there’s a chance one of the fields might be blank (empty), well, that presents an issue. Especially, when you don’t want the comma, period or dash to show if the adjoining field is blank (empty), ie: Jane . Doe (no Middle Inital so only the period shows) or […]

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Field Names in ALL CAPS

There will be times when inherit a database and the Field Names are all in capital letters. You want to convert them to CamelCase but when you try they revert back to all capital letters. Here are two different ways to handle that…1. a. Change the Field Name by adding a letter to the end […]

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