Access MVP (2010-2015)


Check if File is there

If Dir("put full filepath and filename here") = "" Then Msgbox "The file was not created." End If


Check if File exists

Sometimes you need to see if a file is in a directory for one reason or another…

Will delete the file if it exists

If FileExists(C:\Folder\Subfolder\YourDatabaseName.accdb) Then Kill "C:\Folder\Subfolder\YourDatabaseName.accdb" Else Msgbox "Nothing to do!" End if

Will rename the file if it exists

If FileExists("\\YourServerName\Folder\Subfolder\" & Me.cboYear & "-VendorReevaluation.xlsx") = True Then xlWBk.SaveAs "\\YourServerName\Folder\Subfolder\" & […]