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Field Names in ALL CAPS

There will be times when inherit a database and the Field Names are all in capital letters.  You want to convert them to CamelCase but when you try they revert back to all capital letters.  Here are two different ways to handle that…1.
a. Change the Field Name by adding a letter to the end of the existing Field Name, Save.
b. Then change the Field Name to CamelCase and Save


Make sure that Enable design changes for tables in Datasheet view is checked n order for this to work.

    a. Open the Table in Datasheet View and the Fields Ribbon will appear, see below

Fields Ribbon

Fields Ribbon

b. From here select Name & Caption and adjust the Name, click OK and continue until you have adjusted all the Field Names in the Table…

Name & Caption

Name & Caption

Note:  From here you can set the same Field Properties that you set if the Table was in Design Mode.

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