Access MVP (2010-2015)


Hyperlink to open Forms

You’re using a Continuous Form, you can’t fit all your fields on the Form but you need to see and/or edit the record and you don’t want to use a Command Button. (Sample file located at the bottom of the article.) Here’s an alternate way to open the record with a Field…

Client […]

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Sunken Controls

In Access 2003 or lower you set your Controls to have the Sunken effect. You upgraded and now you have lost it. To get the Sunken effect back you must…

1. Go to Design View of your Form

2. Click on the Field(s) you want to have the Sunken effect

3. Select a color […]

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Add *ALL* to Combo Box

SELECT YourFieldName FROM YourTableName UNION Select "ALL" as Bogus FROM YourTableName;

Then set the Default Value for the Combo Box as “ALL”

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When do Tab Controls fire?

The Tab Control On_Change Events fires when you click on (and change) the tab page you are on The Tab Control On_Click event fires if you click in the tab area where there is no tab The Page On_Click event fires (for the selected page) when you click in the area below the tab […]

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Refer to Controls on Forms/Subforms

It’s always a nightmare when you’re trying to reference a control from one Form to another or one Report or another. You think you’ve typed it correctly but it’s still not returning the value. Here are two ways to get that accomplished…

From The Access Web… Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls



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