Access MVP (2010-2015)


Refer to Controls on Forms/Subforms

It’s always a nightmare when you’re trying to reference a control from one Form to another or one Report or another.  You think you’ve typed it correctly but it’s still not returning the value.  Here are two ways to get that accomplished…

From The Access Web
Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls


…a tried and true way of figuring out how to refer to a control when nothing else works…

1. Open form in Design View
2. Put a Text Box on the form you want to put the function on
3. In the Properties Window for the Text Box go to the Control Source and click the Elipse button […]
4. In the window that opens navigate to the form you want to refer to
5. Once there in the center window double click on <Form> or <Report> and the path will show in the window above
6. Copy (Ctrl+C) what you see in the above window and cancel out till back at the Properties Window.
7. Now, go paste (Ctrl+V) that path in your Control

That should get you the correct path.


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