Access MVP (2010-2015)


Ampersand not showing in Caption

When using an Ampersand (&) in a Label or Button Caption you get an underscore (Jack_Jill) or nothing (JackJill).  To get Jack & Jill you need to double up on the ampersands…  Jack && Jill.

Why?  In Access the Ampersand is used as a Keyboard Shortcut.  So, if you have a Button Caption entered like &File Maintenance which shows as File Maintenance, using Alt + F on your Keyboard will jump you to that button.  That’s why we double up, so Access knows we really want to *see* the Ampersand.


2 comments to Ampersand not showing in Caption

  • admin


    Thank you for sharing that and I just love that technical term you used *… Window thingy.*.

  • Stefan Hoffmann

    It’s a generic Windows thingy. Even in C++/ATL, Delphi or VB the single ampersand denotes the accelerator key (shortcut).