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Adding a custom image to a Command Button

A little tired of the stock images that come with Access? You can add your own…

Step 1 – In Design Mode of your Form (if the Property Sheet is not open do so now) click on the Command Button. Then in the Property Sheet select the Ellipse button, the one with the three dots, […]

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Where to copy/paste Code

You found a piece of code, it says to copy/paste into the Event Procedure of your Control, great! Hmm, now where exactly is that?

First, open you Form in Design Mode making sure the Property Sheet is open. Select your Control and on the Property Sheet select the Event tab.


Go copy the […]

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Tools, Utilities and more…

Recently, I watched Free Tools for Microsoft Access recorded by Crystal Long and Adrian Bell (Microsoft Access MVP’s) on Channel 9. Upon looking at comments below it dawned on me there is no central location for all those great free tools! How is anyone to find them? After all, you may not know they […]

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Importing into a *clean* Database

1. Create a new database naming it differently then the original. (No worries you can rename it later.)

2. Uncheck Track name AutoCorrect info under File > Options > Current Database, as well as, any other options you don’t want.

3. Go to the External Data tab and select Access under Import.

4. In the […]

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Changing a Label Caption on a Report

If you do Quotes and Invoicing (or Purchase Orders and Invoicing) they generally share the same layout, the only difference being the Label identifying them. Rather than creating to reports you can change the Label Caption depending on which Form you are opening it from.

Step 1

Create the Report and for the Label Caption […]

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Data Models

Probably the hardest part of designing a database is constructing normalized tables. Get them wrong and everything else is down hill… you can’t get the Forms to do what you want and the Reports just don’t work. Let’s see if any of these can make your job easier…

Clubs (or Associations)



Grocery List […]

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Procedure View vs. Full Module View

While developing you may find yourself in the VB Editor adjusting the Function for a Control or the Form itself. When it opens you have to hunt down where the cursor is flashing, even though you have clicked the After_Update event for a specific control. There’s an easier way…

When you click the Build button […]

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Access 2016 Runtime now available

“The Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime enables you to distribute Access 2016 applications to Users who do not have the full version of Access 2016 installed on their computers.”

To download click here…

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Recently, I saw a post regarding moving a Query (SQL) to VBA. I remember I saw something somewhere that automated this task but could not remember where. Well, after a little surfing of my favorite sites I found it… Copy SQL statement from query to VBA by Allen Browne. And, because I couldn’t leave well […]

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Count characters

Normally, it’s not an issue if an End User tries to type in more characters than the Control will allow… they just can’t type anymore. BUT, if you are using an UNBOUND Form for data entry this is a big problem, they will not be able to Save and with a not so nice message. […]

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