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Microsoft opens a User Voice site for Access

Yep, you read that right… Microsoft has opened up a UserVoice site where YOU can suggest features or improvements you’d like to see in Microsoft Access Desktop and Web Apps, as well as, vote on suggestions made by others. This is a great opportunity for YOU to pass on your ideas directly to the Product […]

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How to integrate a Microsoft Access database with QuickBooks?

by Guest Poster Priyanka Chouhan


Microsoft Access is a Database Management System, a part of Microsoft office suite of products. This application allows Users to utilize QuickBooks data files just like Access databases.

Steps to create a table in Microsoft Access with QuickBooks:

Run MS Access 2013 (Windows Start button ->All Programs ->Microsoft Office […]

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Run Query from Desktop

To run a Query from your Desktop without actually opening your Database…

1. Open your Database

2. Select the Query you want to run and drag it to your Desktop

3. Close your Database and then double-click the Query on your Desktop

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Get Initials

I use Initials in Combo Boxes for space conservation on a Form. I don’t depend on the User to enter them, instead, I enter the below in the After_Update event of the Last Name Control on my Form…

Me.txtAssociateInitials = Trim(Left(Me.txtFirstName, 1)) & Trim((" " + Left(Me.txtMiddleInitial, 1))) & Trim((" " + Left(Me.txtLastName, 1)))

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Ampersand not showing in Caption

When using an Ampersand (&) in a Label or Button Caption you get an underscore (Jack_Jill) or nothing (JackJill). To get Jack & Jill you need to double up on the ampersands… Jack && Jill.

Why? In Access the Ampersand is used as a Keyboard Shortcut. So, if you have a Button Caption entered like […]

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Minimize Ribbon

Using just…

CommandBars.ExecuteMso "MinimizeRibbon" ..fails. Why? Because if the Ribbon is already minimized it will actually maximize. So, you need to check the Ribbon state first… If Not CommandBars.GetPressedMso("MinimizeRibbon") Then CommandBars.ExecuteMso "MinimizeRibbon" End If

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Set focus to start of field

When you open a Form, the first field (Control) in your preset Tab Stop is always highlighted. This has been known to cause issues…

Users press the Enter key, thereby eliminating the data that was present (and don’t always remember to press Undo). Users begin typing not realizing they are not on a new […]

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Combining Fields

Combining fields is easy enough BUT when there’s a chance one of the fields might be blank (empty), well, that presents an issue. Especially, when you don’t want the comma, period or dash to show if the adjoining field is blank (empty), ie: Jane . Doe (no Middle Inital so only the period shows) or […]

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To stop Code execution

Click Ctrl + Pause/Break on your keyboard. You may have to do it twice.

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Undock the Property Sheet

Access 2007 and higher…

While the 4-Pointer cursor is showing, usually when on the Title Bar, click and hold the mouse key and drag. To return it back to its docked position, double-click the Title Bar.

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